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My name is Tanya Kan

I am a game designer.

When I was 10 I wanted to be a fiction writer and architect.

I work as a 3D Content Creator and Producer.

I am proud of striving for personal storytelling and having people respond that it resonates with them and inspires their own creativity. I try to achieve work that are aligned with my values and identity-formation, and it is an uneven and multidisciplinary process. I am grateful when it connects with others.

The biggest obstacle I have faced is trusting my instincts about which collaborators are eager learners, team communicators, and value a work-life balance. The bad apples shirk group cohesion and deadlines, and burn the team out.

My advice to women is engage with everyone, regardless of creed, gender, ethnic and professional background. Develop your own voice! Games and digital content can actually work with many existing skill-sets and not just programming, including writing, art, design, crafting, acting and sound compositing. There’s also great support communities around the world and online!


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