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Volunteer Secretary Posting

Secretary - Volunteer Board of Directors

TechGirls Canada is the hub for Canadian women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

We are a not-for-profit organization committed to conducting research and co-designing solutions to advocate, mobilize, and organize in favour of the conditions of success necessary for women's participation in the economy.

This volunteer Secretary position is the perfect opportunity for an individual who is passionate about working in an equitable manner and helping alleviate gendered barriers to success for Canada's women in STEM, especially those who are visible minority, variously-abled, LGBTTQ+, Indigenous, immigrant or refugee. 

The Opportunity


  • Commitment of maximum two hours per week, minimum two hours per month

  • Meetings may be held virtually

  • Two-year term

  • Application deadline February 2, 2019 at 5:00PM EST



  • Attend Board Meetings (five meetings per year, can call in virtually)

  • Serve on the Executive Committee

  • Keep copies of the organization’s bylaws and the Board’s policy statements

  • Keep lists of officers, Board Members, committees and General Membership

  • Notify Board Members of meetings

  • Keep record of Board attendance

  • Make sure that there is a quorum at Board meetings

  • Keep accurate Minutes of meetings

  • Record all motions and decisions of meetings

  • Sign Board Minutes to attest to their accuracy

  • Record all corrections to Minutes

  • Keep copies of Minutes of both Board and committee meetings

  • Keep accurate record of Executive Committee meetings

  • Distribute copies of Board Minutes and actions to Board Members promptly after meetings

  • Distribute copies of Executive Committee Minutes and actions to Executive Committee Members promptly after meetings

  • Conduct general Board correspondence

  • Keep records of all Board correspondence

  • Sign official documents of the organization as required

  • Make sure members are notified of Annual General Meeting

  • In the absence of the Chairperson, chair Board meetings until the election of an alternate Chairperson

Qualifications & Skills 

  • Minimum of two years’ experience in a role with administrative responsibilities, in a paid or volunteer setting

  • Strong organizational and strategic thinking skills

  • Capacity and ability to meet deadlines and produce notes and Minutes in a timely manner for distribution and action by the Board

  • Excellent notetaking, transcription, and computer literacy skills

  • Resides in Toronto, Ontario

  • Previous experience supporting research-focused, community-centered, equity-seeking organizations is highly desired

  • Ideally this candidate will have familiarity and experience with being on the board of a not-for-profit organization or charity

We encourage applications from people of all races and faiths, genders and orientations, ages, abilities, and stages of life. Please send your CV and cover letter to with subject line “Volunteer Secretary Application”

Applications for this position will close 5:00PM EST on February 2, 2019. We thank you for your interest!