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My name is Meg Button

I am CEO/Partner at Nuscreen and VP Digital Strategy & Creative at GWP Brand Engineering. 

When I was 10 I wanted to own my own advertising agency. 

I am proud of creating a team and a workplace that make people excited to go to work Monday morning. One of my goals early on was to have an office where everyone had a window seat with a view – we have that. 

The biggest obstacle I have faced was the realization that starting my own business meant there was no longer a safety net. No paid vacations or pay cheques every 2 weeks. Every day is now either spent winning or loosing. How I spend every hour matters.

When I was about 10 years old, I remember looking up at a big building telling my dad that I wanted to run a company one day, he said “someone’s going to have that job, it might as well be you.” I thought that was pretty good advice. 


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