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My name is Kathryn Barrett

I am a tech educator

When I was 10 I wanted to be an Animator at Pixar

I work as a Youth Program Lead at Ladies Learning Code.

I am proud of asking questions … A LOT of questions. Whether it’s digital or physical, I’ve always strived to understand how things work and seek out patterns that I can understand and work with. More recently, I’ve been passionate about passing these skills onto youth and educating them on the importance of being resourceful and general exploration.

The biggest obstacle I have faced is finding alternatives to channel visual-based thinking and creativity. I’ve never been very good at traditional art (like painting, sculpting, etc.), but composition came very naturally to me. Turns out I just needed different tools (like a computer) to make something happen.

My advice to women is become inspired by something or someone every single day. Whether it’s taking a different route home from work, or talking to a kid about technology, there are so many things in this world that can fuel the way we brainstorm and build!


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