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My name is Kate Atherley

I am a knitting teacher, author, designer.

When I was 10 I wanted to be either a doctor or a writer.

I work as a self-employed teacher, author, editor and designer in the hand-knitting industry.

I am proud of bringing together my personal passions and my educational background. That I’ve been able to build my own work that truly reflects everything about who I am, and rewards me for being that person.

The biggest obstacle I have faced was combating my own and others’ expectations about success. It took me time to realize that climbing the corporate ladder didn’t make me happy, and to find the courage to jump off.

My advice to women is get the educational background and experience, yes, but don’t neglect your (unrelated to education and work) passions, and the other parts of your life and world. It’s precisely those things that make you better at your work.


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