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My name is Jill Drader

I am an Entrepreneurial Construction Mama 

When I was 10 I wanted to be a not-for-profit volunteer in Africa somewhere

I am proud of advocating for women who want to work, especially in the skilled trades or a relevant craft. Being a working mom with her own business. And researching and sharing stories of other strong women to extend that strength by motivating others by sharing inspiring stories

I work as a Contracting Consultant in Trades, Apprenticeship and Safety

The biggest obstacle I have faced is succeeding as an apprentice, journeyman, business owner, and contractor in an industry (construction) that’s still very macho and ego driven. Following my intuitive self to get to where I am. 

My advice to women is create a vision of where you ultimately want to be. Surround yourself with strong people who support you. Ask yourself, ‘why?’, often. Make sure what you’re doing is meaningful. And networking never fails, so who are you going to connect with today? Be careful of the stories you tell yourself. 


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