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My name is Ivo Lukas


I am an Entrepreneur and Innovator

When I was 10 I wanted to be a CIA agent

I work as CEO/Founder at 24Notion

I am proud of mentoring the next generation leaders. If I can help the younger generations to get into STEM, technology + become an entrepreneur then I’ve done my job. Additionally, I would say my most joy comes from giving back and helping the others. Bootstrapping the agency from a ground up was quite a big task and, I am able to help mentor the others plus, doing what I love the most at 24Notion. 

The biggest obstacle I have faced was building my company from a ground up. Everyone that I know (mentors included) told me that I won’t make it because my mission is too big. We are now a global agency and ranked #15 in CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Love the fact that I could combine my passion, interest and help the others. I’ve done my part in building an agency with a meaningful purpose!

My advice to women is be bold and go for it! Perseverance and creativity are the name of the game. 


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