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My name is Erika Szabo 


I am an Entertainment Vlogger and Blogger

When I was 10 I wanted to be a video game designer or mangaka.

I work as a Freelance Editor and Vlogger

I am proud of coming so far in my career without compromising what I believe in. By staying true to myself and my beliefs, I can relish my passions that much more and live each day feeling inspired, motivated and happy! 

The biggest obstacle I have faced is becoming the person I am today by letting go of past mistakes and finding ways to better myself through them. No matter how discouraging those personal reflections may be, making those mistakes is part of becoming a stronger person. 

My advice to women is Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or should not be. Do what feels right and celebrate the mistakes that are made through those experiences. As you mature into your career choice, put together a list of realistic goals and work towards those via networking, social media and researching creatives around you. It’s a slow process, but passion and determination can do wonders!


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