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My name is Cathy Yip.

I am an Analyst.

When I was 10 I wanted to be an artist!

I work as a Game Data Analyst.

I am proud of being able to use data as a means to provide feedback to my team. The field of data is expanding, and merging that information with art, business and technology to make a difference is part of the whole movement. 

The biggest obstacle I have faced was deciding where I wanted to take my career and acknowledging that being different is truly an advantage. There’s too many things I’d love to pursue, but once a direction has been set, it’s just a matter of working through it until the end..

My advice to women is embrace your differences, and use them as an edge. Take initiative to build the skills you need to advance, but take your time to learn everything you can! Time may not always be on your side, but as long as you are moving forward, there is nothing to fear.