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My name is Cassandra Ebner

I am an Actress and Stunt Performer.

When I was 10 I wanted to be an actress. 

I am proud of being hired to do Stunts for the Warcraft movie. I am such a fan of this game and wrote them an email when I was 15 asking if I could be in a World of Warcraft movie if they ever made one. I got an email back saying if they were to make a movie they would be sure to hire professionals. 6 years later, I was working on their movie.

The biggest obstacle I have faced was becoming confident in myself and my abilities. I’ve always thought everyone else was so amazing and talented! I had to step back and evaluate myself which helped me believe in myself a lot more.

My advice to women is you need love what you do! If you don’t enjoy the journey you won’t enjoy the lifestyle. Enjoy training, enjoy meeting new people, enjoy learning new things and being put out of your comfort zone. And last but not least be true to yourself. =)


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