Laurelle Jno Baptiste

Portraits of Strength features women in STEM who have helped break barriers and achieved great things within their industry. These are the movers and shakers making a better world for future female leaders in STEM. Here are the stories of how they’re changing the ratio, serving as role models for girls and young women across Canada, and inspiring us all.

My name is Laurelle Jno Baptiste

When I was 10 I wanted to be a defence lawyer

I am proud of revolutionizing online learning. Access to education changed my life, so I’m passionate about connecting knowledge, technology and people by transforming the way organizations deliver education online.

I am an entrepreneur.

I work as a Chief Learning Officer at Vocalmeet

The biggest obstacle I’ve overcome is Growing up in a remote village with little access to running water or electricity, my experiences created an inner hunger to succeed and prepared me for the challenges ahead.

My advice to women is Technology is completely changing how we learn. We have the power to educate globally, and more than ever, you have the ability as an individual to step up and incite change.

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