Ericka Evans

Portraits of Strength features women in STEM who have helped break barriers and achieved great things within their industry. These are the movers and shakers making a better world for future female leaders in STEM. Here are the stories of how they’re changing the ratio, serving as role models for girls and young women across Canada, and inspiring us all.

My name is Ericka Evans.

I am a Gamer Mom.

When I was 10 I wanted to be an architect or a kindergarten teacher.

I work as an Head of Production, Video Game Development.

I am most proud of always being a gamer. Games embody my faves; structure and creativity, but I never considered a video game career while in school. In my late 20’s, I shifted my career from children’s television to video games and I am most proud of jumping in with both feet and learning along the way.

The biggest obstacle I have faced was believing that success was something that I deserved it.

My advice to women is that there is a strong need for women in game development, particularly in design and programming and I want to hire you! It’s an exciting time to be in the games industry; it’s a new medium that is starting to mature and there are lots of places to make your mark.

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Ericka Evans, Head of Production, Video Game Development