Andrea Bruce

Portraits of Strength features women in STEM who have helped break barriers and achieved great things within their industry. These are the movers and shakers making a better world for future female leaders in STEM. Here are the stories of how they’re changing the ratio, serving as role models for girls and young women across Canada, and inspiring us all.

My name is Andrea Bruce

I am a Scientific Regulator

When I was 10 I wanted to be an animator.

I work as a Regulatory Officer at Health Canada

I am proud of being part of a team that won an award for innovation and creativity. I am proud of constantly being able to bring value to the table. I never stop learning and as a result am always contributing.

The biggest obstacle I have faced is accepting that no job was worth tolerating sexual harassment. I had to admit that I was not immune to it and ultimately chose to put myself first.

My advice to women is there is nothing shameful about receiving help; it is smart. Women think they have to do it on their own which is not the case. A mentor can be an invaluable resource of help and support.

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Andrea Bruce