Amy Lee

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My name is Amy Lee

I am a Microbiologist

When I was 10 I wanted to be a Doctor

I work as a Postdoctoral research fellow, Academic researcher

I am proud of becoming a scientist and completing my Ph.D. along the way.I believe scientists increase our understanding of the world. Nothing makes me prouder than to see my research published and contribute to the greater body of scientific knowledge. Scientific research is fraught with experimental failures and rejections; it requires persistence and perseverance to overcome these challenges. Yet, each day brings the potential for a new discovery, and this drives me forward.

The biggest obstacle I have faced was putting aspects of my personal life on hold to pursue my academic career. I had three cross-country moves in the last 10 years and had to say goodbye to many close friends/ family. Maintaining a work-life balance is a constant struggle for me.

My advice to women is never give up! Take every challenge and obstacle as a learning experience to become better.

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Amy Lee, Microbiologist