Amanda Butt

Portraits of Strength features women in STEM who have helped break barriers and achieved great things within their industry. These are the movers and shakers making a better world for future female leaders in STEM. Here are the stories of how they’re changing the ratio, serving as role models for girls and young women across Canada, and inspiring us all.

My name is Amanda Butt

I am a Scientist and Fermentation Maven

When I was 10 I wanted to be a Radiologist, Astronaut, Marine Biologist, Firefighter

I work as a Brewmaster, Food and Beverage

I am proud of reaching my 5 year goal of becoming a Brewmaster. It has been an arduous journey with many bumps in the road, but the years of hard work have paid off and I’m here. I am the first female Brewmaster at my facility since the doors opened 65 years ago.

The biggest obstacle I have faced was overcoming my own self doubt in a male-dominated industry. Once I got over the fact that I was inevitably going to make mistakes it was full steam ahead.

My advice to women is this is a tough and demanding industry, with few senior management positions held by women. However, the women who are here are a strong group, the kind that support each other. If you have passion and drive you can be very successful.

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Amanda Butt