Alicia Gal

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My name is Alicia Gal

I am a Biomechanist and Retired Firefighter

When I was 10 I wanted to be a physiotherapist or rehabilitation therapist to treat all my sport injuries..

I work as a Biomechanics Researcher & Fitness Instructor

I am proud of my current research that will provide huge advancement to para-athletes, sledge hockey in particular, and hopefully rehabilitation for all shoulder dependent populations. When I stretch the varsity football team on campus and physically see the difference I make in these aspiring athletes, helping them achieve their dreams.

The biggest obstacle I have faced was being told I could not have eye surgery after they finally called my name to be a firefighter. Then finding out I didn’t want to be a teacher.

My advice to women is you probably have to invent it. Biomechanics is a young science that has endless opportunities. I was told by a very wise prof “why can’t you do that?” I did not have a reply. You have to love what you do or it will never truly blossom.

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