AJung Moon

Portraits of Strength features women in STEM who have helped break barriers and achieved great things within their industry. These are the movers and shakers making a better world for future female leaders in STEM. Here are the stories of how they’re changing the ratio, serving as role models for girls and young women across Canada, and inspiring us all.

My name is AJung Moon.

I am a Roboticist, Roboethicist, Blogger.

When I was 10 I wanted to be a writer, or the president of South Korea.

I work as a PhD student in Robotics.

I am proud of having pursued my passion for roboethics (ethics + robotics) for the past nine years when no one knew what it was all about. Now I lead an international organization that explores various roboethics issues.

The biggest obstacle I have faced was myself. For a very long time, I felt like I have to be the best at everything and be better than my male classmates rather than just being me.

My advice to women is don’t be intimidated by stereotypical first impressions you get from technical fields (such as robotics). Some roboticists I know have passion for acting, music, visual arts, and education and successfully incorporated them into robotics. Robotics is so interdisciplinary that you’ll surprise yourself by what you can bring to the field.

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AJung Moon, Roboticist, Roboethicist, Blogger