One of the first things to happen as TGC started gaining momentum a few years ago, was that we began to receive a consistent stream of requests from business owners; mostly men, who had an “Aha!” moment because of one of our media appearances or articles or through our social media posts that there indeed were systemic barriers in the way of diversity in the technology sector.

Their messages all had a common theme – “We see it, how do we start fixing it?” “What should we change first?” “Can you help us?”

Our team realized some key things from these:

  • Canada’s small businesses represent 48 percent of the total labour force in the private sector, and contributing approximately 30 percent to Canada’s GDP. (source)
  • Most of these businesses do not have very sophisticated Human Resources departments
  • Many well-intentioned diversity efforts end up becoming prescriptive, limiting their efficacy
  • Most good intentions withered over time because of lack of understanding of the many intersections of bias with race, class and ability – and due to absence of benchmarks for progress.

So we designed a pilot that would use collaboration, iteration, and accessibility to create a different kind of solution. We needed a like-minded business as a partner – a company who values the good in business just as much as good business, and we are stoked to announce that to be The Working Group.

TGC’s mandate has always been to question the status quo, listen actively, and align ourselves with winning partners – we remain committed to seeding real, measurable change and championing inclusivity for everyone working and building in science, technology, engineering and math. To learn what our goals are and why we are so excited for Project Change the Ratio, read our feature on BetaKit!