Strength In Numbers

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The biggest catalyst for change is to recognize the scope of the challenge.

TechGirls Canada (TGC) provides national leadership and community to the hundreds of not-for-profit and industry groups working towards encouraging more girls to consider a career in tech.

Strength in Numbers is TGC’s anchor project to map out the women-in-STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) landscape in Canada – an essential first step for groups and organizations coast-to-coast to register and make their presence count.

TGC will verify and post these crowd-sourced submissions by ‘pinning’ their location on a map on our homepage starting in January 2014. This high-impact data-visualization will show clusters of support and mark areas of need with clarity in an engaging, socially-shareable way.

TGC aims to use this data to advocate as a collective voice on behalf of not-for-profit and industry groups working to encourage girls and women in STEM – with a goal to secure resources, funding, private and public sector partnership opportunities, and to catalyze joint programs.