CanWIT and TGC Partner to Foster Outreach and Research

CanWIT and TGC Partner to Foster Outreach and Research

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Canadian Women in Technology (CanWIT, a division of CATAlliance) is partnering with TechGirls Canada (TGC) to help support TGC’s mandate to create a unified platform for the emerging grassroots organizations working to empower women in the industry.

The TGC-CanWIT partnership will help establish sector-specific programming and best practices to encourage women’s leadership in the Canadian economy—including advocating on behalf of the hundreds of organizations working to provide avenues of discovery, training, and leadership diversity in the tech sector.

CanWIT’s executive for Communications, Nicole Whittle says, “CanWIT is proud to partner with TechGirls Canada to underscore our recognition that it is going to require a concerted, national effort to create change in how young women perceive technology as a career path, how tech companies hire, and how we ensure that we create programs that support both those shifts, that will raise the profile of women in technology and also as leaders in the Canadian economy overall.”

CanWIT is the only national organization of its kind in Canada, with a volunteer-run mandate to help empower women in technology-related fields. Partnering with CanWIT allows TGC to have a strong, national ally in research and outreach, and to accelerate change at a critical time of opportunity and helping expand nationwide efforts to encourage young women toward education, and ultimately, careers in STEM in Canada.

CanWIT also encourages young women to consider careers in tech, helping break through barriers to inspire the next generation of leaders.

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