A Panel From the Margins: 2016 and Still Missing At The Table

On March 8, the DMZ and TechGirls Canada are recognizing International Women’s Day by hosting a “Panel from the Margins” — a powerful discussion on diversity and inclusion in the worlds of STEM and entrepreneurship.

In this crucial panel focused on STEM and entrepreneurship, our speakers will be talking about ethics of diversity, challenges of being outliers in their sectors, and their responsibilities to each other to ensure there is equity in their efforts towards equality.

They will be sharing their stories and what inspired each of them to become an agent of change so that they can fix for future generations what they found broken for themselves.

When & Where

Tuesday, 8 March 2016 from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (EST)

DMZ at Ryerson University – 10 Dundas St E Toronto, ON M5B CA

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Zee Adams


Zee is a a strong advocate for equal access to education, women’s rights and visibility and has been a mentor for girls and women of all ages over the past 20 years. She is passionate about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning and their uses in making information more accessible to all people, everywhere in the World. Zee is co-founder and Creative Director of Somanda, and founder of Thinq I/O.

Foteini Agrafioti


Dr. Foteini Agrafioti is an inventor, entrepreneur and TED speaker. She was the Chief Innovation Officer at Architech. Prior to that she co-founded and served as CTO at Nymi, a biometrics security company and maker of the Nymi wristband. Dr. Agrafioti was an inventor of HeartID, the first biometric technology to authenticate users based on their unique cardiac rhythms.

Olivia Chow


In a political career that began in 1985, Olivia Chow has been one of Canada’s most effective and well known public figures, serving in municipal politics in Toronto and on the national stage as a Canadian Member of Parliament. Recently, Olivia Chow joined Ryerson University as a Distinguished Visiting Professor. Her work will focus on community engagement and democratic participation.
Olivia will be the keynote speaker. 

Desmond Cole


A prolific and inspiring journalist currently on the roster of The Toronto Star, Newstalk1010, CANADALAND COMMONS. His extensive work to address housing, social support, integration, civic engagement, and policing has contributed to Youthlink, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, Eva’s Satellite and Justice for Children and Youth. He shared his story in Toronto Life’s viral piece The Skin I’m In.

Huda Idrees


Huda is a story teller with a passion for fixing things and a strange affinity for the letter “W”. She has a background in Human Factors Engineering from the University of Toronto and lives to build products people love. Before joining Wealthsimple as the Head of Product and Design, Huda jumpstarted the design team at Wattpad and led the invoicing and accounting products at Wave.

Erica Violet Lee


Erica is an undergraduate student in philosophy, politics, and computer science at the University of Saskatchewan. She is an organizer with Idle No More, the #ReadTheTRCReport project, and was part of the Canadian Youth Delegation to the COP 21 climate conference in Paris. Erica is a YWCA Woman of Distinction and an Iris Marion Young Diversity Scholar. She writes about her experiences as a young Indigenous feminist on her blog, Moontime Warrior.

Saadia Muzaffar

saadia_circleSaadia Muzaffar is a tech entrepreneur, investor, and an internationally prolific media advocate for diversity and equity in the science and technology sectors. She is the Founder of TechGirls Canada, the hub for Canadian women in STEM – and is the Senior Director of Marketing at the global software firm AudienceView. She is a proud feminist who sees colour.
Saadia will be moderating the panel.